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Word puzzle fun on KnowivateWord Puzzle Game

Enjoy challenging word puzzles with Knowivate's multi-level game, offering medium, normal, and hard difficulties.

Memory Game

Knowivate's memory game offers timer-based challenges, scoring, sound effects, custom icons, and multiple levels.

Classic Connect Four Game: Play Online for FreeConnect Four Game

Challenge a friend to a classic game of Connect Four. Alternate turns on the same device and aim to align four of your coloured discs vertically, horizontally or diagonally.

English Class Minigame: Improve Your Vocabulary OnlineEnglish Class Minigame

Exercise your vocabulary skills with this engaging English Class Minigame. Form words using jumbled letters to enhance your language proficiency.

Eight Queens: Place Queens Strategically to Avoid AttacksEight Queens

Strategically place eight queens on a chessboard to avoid attacks. Click squares to place or remove queens and solve the puzzle.

Checkers: Classic Board Game of Strategy and TacticsCheckers

Challenge your opponent in the classic game of Checkers. Win by immobilizing your opponent's pieces while strategically advancing yours.

Avabranch: Exciting Web Game Challenge EntryAvabranch

Experience Avabranch, an exhilarating web game challenge entry featuring thrilling gameplay and dynamic visuals.

CAPTAIN ROGERS: Navigate Through Asteroid Field in This Hyper Casual Arcade GameCAPTAIN ROGERS

Guide Captain Rogers through an asteroid field in this engaging hyper casual arcade game. Suitable for players of all ages.

Better Aim Game: Customize Your Training Experience for FPS PlayersBetter Aim Game

Enhance your aiming skills with Better Aim Game, designed for FPS players. Customize your training experience and improve your performance.

Coil Game: Engaging Puzzle Game of Orb EnclosureCoil Game

Play Coil Game, a captivating puzzle where you must enclose blue orbs before they explode. Earn bonus points by enclosing multiple orbs simultaneously.